Spotlight on abuse: Episcopal Diocese of Southwest Florida

By | May 5, 2022
Episcopal Diocese of Southwest Florida

In 2002 the Episcopal Diocese of Southwest Florida launched a review of about 700 clergy files dating back to 1969 for evidence of sexual abuse. It was expected to take “several days.” No findings were made public.

The investigation was because of charges against several clergy:
  1. Richard Arthur Pollard, convicting of raping five boys in Episcopal churches
  2. Michael G. Langston, removed from the priesthood for sexual relationships with teenagers and married women in three of his Episcopal parishes
  3. Jon Caridad, chaplain at St. John’s Episcopal School in Tampa, charged with sexual assault of students

A diocesan spokesman said that the reason for reviewing the 700 clergy files was that the Diocese of Southwest Florida hoped to claim financial assistance from other dioceses where its clergy were assigned before or later in case there were civil damages.

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