Episcopal church fumbles response to nightclub shooting

By | November 22, 2022
Episcopal Church Ignores Colorado Shootings

At a time when same-sex marriage is at risk, and one member of the Supreme Court has expressly said he would like to undo legal protections, the Episcopal Church continues to fumble its response. That includes its failure to speak out on the recent nightclub shooting in Colorado.

So far, the Colorado shooting has received almost no attention from the church, except for parishes in Colorado and a statement from Bishops Against Gun Violence. But that is not the same as the denomination expressly speaking out.

Meanwhile, the Episcopal Diocese of Virginia and Presiding Bishop Michael Curry continue their plans to consecrate E. Mark Stevenson next bishop diocesan of Virginia in an SBC church—a denomination that actively rejects same-sex marriage and expressly condemns the LGBTQ community.

Our take: The Episcopal Church is transitioning from talking a good game to quietly relegating the LGBTQ community to second-class citizens. In short, the church is rapidly becoming less safe, even as it uses the excuse of “becoming beloved community” to justify hosting events in fora in which LGBTQ persons are deliberately marginalized.

Anglican Watch calls on the church to explicitly condemn the recent shootings, and to stop plans to host events in fora where the LGBTQ community is marginalized. That call extends to every diocese and bishop.

Violence has no role in our society. And if we are going to fund a costly and cumbersome hierarchy, it can damned well speak out against acts of hatred.

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