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Dan McClain: where is his psych eval?

Daniel McClain

One of the things we find interesting about the uproar at St. Paul’s Dayton is the extent to which Dan McClain appears to project his own issues onto others. As in telling people that his wife is mentally ill—even as, from our vantage point, McClain himself appears to be a profoundly troubled soul.

That begs the question: if, as McClain asserts, his wife is the issue instead of him, why doesn’t he produce a psychological report to prove that he is mentally healthy?

We’d also note that, in divorce cases like this, it’s highly likely he’s already taken one.

So, leaving aside the fact it is spectacularly inappropriate for McClain, as a priest, to discuss anyone else’s mental health issues (and doubly so when it involves a family member), if he’s going to put that issue into play, he should be prepared for us and other onlookers to ask about his mental health.

That’s particularly the case when, as here, we hear allegations of exorcisms on his part and other behavior that suggests McClain has a loose connection with reality.

As always, we remind readers that these are all allegations and not statements of fact. But we believe there is ample reason to question McClain’s psychological stability. And we are willing to publish a psychological evaluation from McClain if we can verify that it comes from a legitimate source.

So until then, we ask a basic question: where is Daniel McClain’s psych eval? And again, we note that McClain has allegedly put this issue in play, so there’s no reason for him to balk.


  1. I was a friend of the McClain family and was for over a decade. I make no claim about Dan’s mental health but it is important to confirm that Kate did undergo some kind of mental health crisis in 2020-21 (and perhaps continuing after that, but I do not know). I witnessed this crisis personally. The claim of this article that Dan is “projecting” is speculative and I would submit untenable. Dan may have his own things to work through, granted, but I do not believe he is projecting in this case.

    1. That’s the great thing about Dan producing a psych evaluation—the matter will be resolved once and for all. Again, he’s the one who’s put that issue into play, so there’s no reason he shouldn’t be able to speak to the specifics.

      We also have the funny feeling that, if there were a psych evaluation out there and it supports Dan’s case, it would be all over creation.

      Your comments also sidestep the question: Why have we heard from numerous people who say they are afraid of Dan? We’ve been careful to pull that information in directly from third parties and to confirm it as we go, so folks can forget the bit about Kate orchestrating things out of whole cloth. Moreover, we provide a screen cap of one of our sources, proferred above.

      The allegations we have received about Dan also come from several clergy in the area and sources outside Dayton.

      We also reiterate our earlier statement: It is spectacularly inappropriate for Dan to discuss issues of anyone’s mental health with third parties, and doubly disturbing when the discussion involves family members.

      Frankly, based on what we have seen, we’d be having an ongoing mental health crisis if we were married to Dan.

      1. I’m not side-stepping the question. I’m addressing a problem that I perceive in your account. This problem does not undermine your central point or what you are advocating for. I’m offering some detail from someone who actually knows the persons in question because, I assume, you want to give a fair and accurate account.

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