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Corrupt Bishop Glenda Curry finally suspends Richard Losch from ministry, AW calls for criminal charges against Curry

Episcopal priest Richard Losch, indicted for child sexual abuse

Better late than never is not necessarily true. For instance, avoiding icebergs was too late once the Titanic scraped the side of an iceberg, puncturing several water-tight bulkheads. Similarly, scrambling jets on 9/11, while better than nothing, was too little, too late, once the twin towers had been struck and thousands of innocent civilians died.

And so it is with corrupt Episcopal bishop Glenda Curry of the Diocese of Alabama, who finally pulled a CYA by suspending Losch.

For more than two years, she and her lapdog Rob Morpeth knew that Richard Losch is a child rapist and a serial predator. But they made up fake Title IV requirements, lied, ignored the matter, and did everything possible to cover-up the situation.

The result? Deafening silence and fabrications to law enforcement about how Losch didn’t serve a parish and had no access to children. Indeed, neither Morpeth nor Curry still has not responded to our warnings about another pedophile active in her diocese.

Because knowingly providing false information to a law enforcement official during an investigation is a felony, Anglican Watch calls in Massachusetts law enforcement to issue a warrant for Curry’s arrest. Not only is it well-deserved, but it serves notice on clergy of every ilk that the days they can throw children under the bus in order to protect their churches are over.

Simply put, society is no longer willing to turn a blind eye to rape culture.

As for Curry, too bad we don’t believe in a literal hell. Because if we did, she’d be shoveling coal in the furnace room of coal on a triple-digit day.


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