Constance Rhodes: Another loser complicit in the death of Grant Solomon

Constance Rhodes LOSER

As we make our way through the list of moral failures in the death of Grant Solomon and the abuse of his sister Gracie, another key person who failed the Solomon children repeatedly is Constance Rhodes.

A member of Grace Chapel, Rhodes is tight with Steve Berger, helping him publish books and, in the process, pulling down substantial income for herself.

Rhodes founded FindingBalance, Inc., a Christian 501(c)(3) that addresses body image and dieting. She also runs True Voice Co., a Christian branding and coaching consulting firm focused on creatives.

Tellingly, Rhodes’ websites discuss authenticity and living into a Christian faith. However, Rhodes’ conduct in the Solomon matter makes clear she cannot teach anyone about these issues. Indeed, her claims are total BS.

Of course, this should come as no surprise, as one of Rhodes’ best friends is none other than world-class loser and dirtbag Amy Curle.

Ties between Rhodes and Aaron Solomon go back to Aaron’s days as a bartender when the latter worked with AJ Rhodes, Constance’s husband. (That may explain public records that suggest AJ had two DUIs from 1989-1990.)

As a result of this connection, the Rhodes home was the only place that Aaron would allow Gracie to sleep over. Was this because Aaron knew that Rhodes would never report his abuse? We’d love to know.

But by 2014, Rhodes knew that Aaron was sexually abusing his daughter, Gracie. We won’t publish specifics to avoid causing additional trauma to Gracie, but the evidence is irrefutable and conclusive.

So how did Rhodes, purveyor of prattle about “authentic voices,” decide to handle things?

Well, the answer doesn’t involve the state’s mandated reporter law.

Instead, she and her husband prayed about it and decided not to do anything about it because they didn’t want to ruin Aaron’s life. She did, however, pass word on to Amy Curle–and we know how that turned out.

How do we know this?

The answer to that question is that it came up in the Solomon divorce litigation. Specifically, Angie Solomon had to subpoena Rhodes in order to hear her “authentic voice.” Uh-huh.

Thus, the entire matter and the details are in public court records.

As with Amy Curle and Rona Branson, that begs the question: What kind of morally bankrupt loser ignores the welfare of a child? 

We don’t know who these three idiots pray to, but Jesus was very clear about his love for children and the need to protect them. In addition, the Bible is clear about being subject to government.

So, why these three ignoramuses thought there was even anything to pray about is beyond us.

We’d also add that, had Rhodes complied with her legal and moral obligation, Grant would likely still be alive, Gracie would have been saved from years of abuse, and the courts would have done the right thing—kicked Aaron’s backside into jail.

While we’re on the topic of children, we have heard from insiders at Grace Chapel that Rhodes’ male sons were deeply into porn. While we recognize that porn is not unusual for teens, if the allegation is true, it speaks volumes to Rhodes’ parenting. As in knowing what comes into the home, monitoring internet usage, and explaining to kids how porn is inherently degrading to all involved.

So, while Rhodes talks about her skills in mentoring Christian ministries to help them grow and expand, it’s all puffery, smoke, and mirrors. It’s BS.

Rhodes is a woman so clueless (or recklessly indifferent) that she doesn’t even get that protecting children is foundational to Christian ministry. It’s not something you pray about — you do it. Like brushing your teeth or taking a shower, it goes without question.

As for Rhodes’ role in mentoring women at Grace Chapel, spare us.

Yes, like many of Berger’s inner circle, she and her husband have the big $2 million home. But in terms of personal integrity, forget it. USDA inspected grade AAA scumbag.

Put in other words, as Steve Berger babbles about Satan and hell in his recent sermons, there are VIP skybox seats in hell (extra 300 degrees, no added charge) for hypocrites and stumbling blocks who ignore child sexual abuse like Constance Rhodes, Amy Curle, Rona Branson. 

Even better, The Presidential Suite in hell (Skybox 666) goes to Steve Berger, who not only ignored the abuse of Grant and Gracie Solomon but lied about his role in the events leading up to Grant’s death.

Meanwhile, until this sorry lot lands in the hereafter, we encourage anyone considering using Rhodes’ creative branding and coaching services to think about critical attributes of HER BRAND, like ignoring child sexual abuse. Not someone we’d even want to hang with, let alone hire.

Nor are Rhodes, Curle, Branson, or any of the other lowlifes at Grace Chapel repentant. Like far too many Christians, they clutch their pearls, mutter something about the past, and try to ignore their own misconduct. Or they try to gaslight us with bullcrud about two sides to every story. 

For the record, there are NOT two sides to every story. There is no other side to child abuse. There is no other side to child sexual abuse. And there is no exception to the mandated reporting laws. And there is no excuse for Grant’s murder.

Doesn’t work that way. Feel free to quote us.



  1. Gross.
    The high, mighty, and righteous report from the arm chair quarterback is always and only- gross.
    Hold your high and mighty stance. Fine. But walk carefully, and be prepared to be judged by the same.

    1. We do walk carefully, which is why we’re prepared to call Constance out as duplicitous and self-serving.

      In the meantime, what are you doing to seek justice for Grant Solomon? Or are your efforts confined to passive-aggressive comments about anyone who dares to call a spade a spade?

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