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Breaking News: Ethics hotline fields complaint about Todd Ousley’s failure to address racism, #metoo

Bishop Todd Ousley

Sources close to the matter have told Anglican Watch that EthicsPoint, the ethics hotline for DFMS, has received a formal ethics complaint about Todd Ousley, the bishop in charge of the Office of Pastoral Development. DFMS is the corporate entity for the national Episcopal church and is based in New York.

The complaint allegedly addresses Ousley’s efforts to ignore the Title IV clergy disciplinary complaint against George Sumner, bishop of Dallas, for engaging in retaliation by firing parochial vicar Rich Daly after the latter forwarded complaints of sexual harassment to Sumner.

Sumner then lied to parishioners of St. James in Texarkana and others, falsely telling them that Daly had retired.

A Title IV clergy disciplinary complaint was filed over these issues in February 2023 with the Office of Pastoral Development. To date, Ousley has largely ignored the matter and has not been in touch with the complainant, Daly, or the female victim of sexual harassment.

Moreover, Anglican Watch has learned that the complaint references allegations that Ousley has repeatedly ignored allegations of racism and retaliation by other clergy, including Bishop Sean Rowe of Pennsylvania.

The complainant further alleges that Presiding Bishop Michael Curry is aware of Ousley’s conduct but is ignoring it.

Anglican Watch has long advocated for a national ethics hotline able to address allegations at all levels of the church, including within parishes and dioceses not directly part of DFMS.

Similarly, we are painfully familiar with Ousley’s dismal track record, and have received multiple reports that Ousley routinely ignores complaints of racism, sexual harassment, retaliation, and other corruption. Thus, we believe the allegations are accurate, including those involving Sean Rowe.

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