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Breaking: Anglican Watch receives allegations of Aaron Solomon exposing himself at gyms

Aaron Solomon alleged exposes himself at Franklin TN area gyms

Earlier today, Anglican Watch received a credible tip in which the reporter stated that Aaron Solomon may have exposed himself to a minor female subject at the Longview Rec Center, located in Spring Hill, Tennessee.

Anglican Watch has conducted a preliminary investigation and believes that the subject is Aaron Solomon.

In addition to paying cash, the subject did not sign in. Without identifying specifics, multiple additional factors suggest this is Aaron.

Anglican Watch has received numerous other tips from the Spring Hill area with a similar fact pattern, and Aaron has been seen at multiple bars in the area.

Aaron is believed to be a member of Lifetime Fitness but is thought to visit other gyms on a regular basis. Lifetime allegedly has received multiple complaints about his conduct by has refused to address the underlying conduct.

If you or anyone you know has experienced similar issues, we encourage you to report details via the FBI’s online form at You can report anonymously.

All persons in the area, particularly minors and women, are encouraged to always have a gym partner with them, and to not travel alone. While they should not confront subjects directly, any indecent exposure or other potential criminal activity should be reported to law enforcement and facility management as quickly as it is safe to do so.

Parents should take similar measures to ensure that children are not alone in situations like this.

The following photos, all taken in public areas, may be helpful in identifying Aaron Solomon. Aaron is not accused of potential criminal activity in any of these photos.

As a reminder, all persons are innocent as a matter of law until convicted in a court of competent jurisdiction.

Aaron Solomon, pedophile
Aaron Solomon, pedophile

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