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Another busy weekend in the Caca Crown Derby of clergy misconduct

Caca Crown Derby of Clergy Misconduct

For many, the Fourth of July weekend is a chance to relax, grill, and maybe hit the beach; it’s also an opportunity to tidy up the inbox. As a result, Anglican Watch has pulled in more complaints than usual.

And sure enough, several of our regulars are in the thick of things. Among the complaints we’ve fielded:

  • Yet another complaint about Evil Witch Glenda Curry of Alabama protecting two known pedophiles in her diocese. Indeed, to our knowledge, she has yet to acknowledge the presence of the one pedophile or respond to complaints. And she certainly has not provided the pastoral response mandated by Title IV. Pretty stupid when you consider that Alabama is looking to waive the statute of limitations on child sexual abuse.
  • Still another complaint about Chilton Knudsen, abuse of power, and unauthorized disclosure of confidential information. 
  • Additional worries about Bishop Eugene Sutton of Maryland and his handling of clergy misconduct.
  • More concern about Chicago bishop Paula Clark, her refusal to deal with misconduct in the Diocese of Chicago, and sneaky antics related to the efforts to sell The Commons — and possibly the cathedral.
  • Still another complaint about abusive behavior by our perennial non-favorite, Todd Ousley, in yet another Title IV case he sandbagged.
  • Dallas Bishop George Sumner and his support for the sexual harassment of women—and the bullying of LatinX congregations.
  • St. James Texarkana and feckless rector David Halt, who not only supports the sexual harassment of women but trashes his colleagues, even as he does next to no work. Our prediction: St. James is lurching towards closure absent diocesan intervention. And since Sumner is a central figure in the corruption at St. James, don’t hold your breath waiting for help from the diocese.
  • And a new entry in the Caca Crown Derby, Bishop DeDe Duncan-Probe of the Diocese of Central New York, who has pulled in two complaints.

We’re trying to sort through this onslaught of complaints, even as we work on the collapse of the Independent Safeguarding Commission in the Church of England due to uppitiness. 

So, more coverage to come as we wish you a happy Independence Day.

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