Anglican Watch issues warning: Leslie Steffensen

By | December 31, 2022
Leslie Steffensen Unethical Priest

In March, the House of Bishops elects a new bishop suffragan for the Armed Forces and Federal Ministries. That, in turn, means that the current canon to the bishop, Leslie Steffensen, may wind up on the move.

Anglican Watch staff has first-hand experience with Leslie. She is a liar, and she is spiritually abusive. Indeed, she falsely claimed that a former parishioner had engaged in “suspicious activities,” while serving as a warden while she served at Grace Episcopal Church in Alexandria Va.

Nor has she owned up to her behavior or made restitution, so it’s appropriate to call her out on it. Any priest willing to lie about her parishioners is a manipulative piece of trash —- feel free to quote us. And having made no effort at repentance, she is okay with her conduct.

Also, her husband Kirk, who works as a defense contractor, sent an email threatening the employment of the husband of Anglican Watch editor Eric Bonetti. Anyone who thinks that is appropriate is beneath contempt.

Kirk Steffensen threatens parishioner

Kirk Steffensen threatens parishioner’s husband

So, both Kirk and Leslie are bad news and manipulative sacks of scum.

We urge any church, school, or other organization considering hiring Leslie to think twice. Liars need not apply. 

We are happy to provide additional details.

“Trust takes years to build, seconds to break, and forever to repair”

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Wow. An officer of TEC passive-aggressively threatening someone’s livelihood?…Must be a day that ends in “Y”.