Activists announce Montvale boycott in response to hate

By | May 10, 2022
Montvale NJ, town of hate

J Wahler ConstructionA group of activists, including Anglican Watch editor Eric Bonetti, have launched a site calling for a boycott of Montvale NJ area businesses. Located at, the site includes a petition on

Montvale is home to numerous businesses, including Sharp, Benjamin Moore,  Ingersoll Rand, Wegmans, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, Davey’s Irish Pub and Restaurant, Perfect Limo Service, Inc., CrossCountry Mortgage, Pentax, and KPMG. Many of these companies already have anti-discrimination policies that would prohibit conduct like Joseph Wahler’s ugly hate speech, which includes anti-LGBTQ and sexist comments.

The new site will be updated with names of protesters, their employers or businesses, and other information to help buyers make informed decisions and avoid supporting hate.

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Could @ohhhdri be any more childish and hateful? Such a bunch of assholes.


The person (s) who posted hate speech has NOTHING to do with people who have been blocked from attending church. Hate has no place in Montvale.(or anywhere) Maybe allowing everyone to attend their church would be a first step in the healing process and show how we can all come together to heal.


The People who made those comments (anti LGBTQ) are NOT connected to the peaceful protestors. Not sure who the “dissidents ” are ? Maybe an open door policy for Sunday Services where ALL are welcome would be a good start. ?


Is it possible J.Wahler read on FB or drove by a peaceful protest ? He is NOT a member of St.Pauls now or ever and he is NOT a peaceful protestor.

I thought the Lombard Mennonite Peace Center already had a session that church members participated in. Also when is the face-to-face meeting ? The sooner we ALL can get back to church the sooner the healing can begin.

Louise Miller

Where are you getting the information that Beth Abrahamson and Jeff Piatt have illegally removed financial records from the church?? Was this something that was “heard” in conversation or is there actual proof of this accusation?

Louise Miller

That answers my question perfectly – it is hearsay without actual proof. Thank you.

Louise Miller

I did take a photo of my next question that was asking which has the date and time on it.