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Aaron Solomon does drag

Aaron Solomon, alleged murderer
Aaron Solomon does drag ::barf::
Aaron Solomon does drag ::barf::

Remember when Aaron Solomon’s BFF, Sam Johnson, got national attention for harassing a same-sex couple headed to their prom? And how Johnson, who has a ton of personal and behavioral issues himself, lied about it, first claiming he didn’t do anything, then that he was responding to bad behavior by the guys going to their prom? Johnson also was pretty amped out by the fact one of the guys was wearing a dress. And video records make clear that the only person behaving badly was Johnson.

But while Johnson may have his panties in a knot about guys going to the prom in dresses, apparently he’s good with fellow Christian nationalist Aaron Solomon running around in drag. As in tights, tutu, and scary makeup. Not to mention a nasty spray tan.


Here’s a photo of Aaron Solomon, tending bar on Halloween a few years ago, looking like a very unathletic and really nasty ballerina.

Maybe Johnson is right: Time to make America great again, and vote him and his BFF Aaron Solomon off the island.

The only question is: what other island would have them?

Sam Johnson, fake Christian
Sam Johnson, fake Christian


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