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Washington National Cathedral backs away from sneak-selling tickets to Christmas worship

Washington National Cathedral and Randy Hollerith again poke their tails into the laundry wringer

It’s Advent, so in true surly Anglican Watch fashion, we’re calling BS on the Washington National Cathedral for its policy on” free” worship services this Christmastide. To be clear, we ardently support efforts by the church to promote financial stability. Far too many Episcopal churches, schools, dioceses, and other entities act like Episcopalians of

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Was Tenth Presbyterian’s Liam Goligher arrested for having sex in a Lancaster park?

Liam Goligher, liar and adulterer

In the course of our ongoing investigation into Tenth Presbyterian’s Liam Goligher, Anglican Watch came across some curious information that may pertain to his personal conduct. Public records reveal an arrest and guilty plea for a violation of Lancaster City Code section 98-19.B for a person matching Goligher’s information. The section proscribes

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Update: St. Paul’s Dayton lurches towards closure, thanks to Dan McClain and a lack of leadership

Episcopal priest Daniel McClain

Yesterday, Anglican Watch referenced the financial catastrophe facing St. Paul’s, Dayton. Today’s post further explores the meltdown. To be clear, St. Paul’s has long been a hot mess. Problems began in 1920, with the founding of the church as a mission of Christ Church, Dayton.  Scarred by the great flood of 1913, wealthy

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