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Why isn’t Episcopal priest Daniel McClain in jail?

Daniel McClain should be in jail

Judges typically take a dim view of people who ignore court orders. That raises an important question: why is Episcopal priest Dan McClain, rector of St. Paul’s Dayton, not in jail?

Sources at the Boonshoft Museum in Dayton tell Anglican Watch that Daniel McClain recently showed up at the museum with police, saying he wanted to talk with his son.

But our sources tell us that Daniel McClain called the museum at least twice to find out if his son was there. And we have reason to believe he knew that his wife Kate was there.

Upon arriving at the museum, Daniel parked close to Kate’s vehicle, making it impossible for her to leave without coming into contact with him.

Moreover, our sources tell us that even once Daniel had actual knowledge that Kate was within 500 feet, which is the exclusion zone imposed by the court, he failed to leave.

This is a flagrant violation of the court order. And no, it does not matter that Daniel had the police with him. Nor would it matter if Kate invited him, if he had concerns about the welfare of the children, or any other excuse.

The ONLY way McClain could legally come within 500 feet of Kate would be if the court amended its order. Again, that is the ONLY way. The fact police were with him is irrelevant.

Nor is any other excuse McClain might offer relevant.

And somehow we have the funny feeling that, had Daniel actually made contact, the conversation would have been a series of leading questions and manipulative statements:

  • Are you sure you feel safe?
  • Does your mother ever do anything that scares you?
  • Are you sure you don’t want to come with me?
  • I love you and would like to have you stay with me for a while.

Fortunately, security personnel were one step ahead of Daniel and escorted Kate and their son to safety, even as the Boonshoft went into lockdown.

Nothing like having museums go into lockdown thanks to the conduct of the local Episcopal priest.

Our take on it: Daniel appears to be probing, testing, intimidating, and manipulating to see what he can get away with.

And anyone who’s prepared to disregard a court protective order in this manner is someone we’d describe as scary. Not to mention if he is going to play games like this, Daniel McClain should NOT have custody of the children.

On a related topic, we’re in touch with the Orthodox church to find out why Daniel’s buddy Joe is going around spreading fabrications about how Daniel was acquitted by the “reference panel.” As we’ve said before, that is neither true nor possible, and there was NOT a full investigation. Full stop.

We’re pretty sure that Orthodox clergy are expected to be truthful in their dealings. Per Wikipedia:

The Eastern Orthodox Christian is expected to uphold truth, at all times and in all places, without exception. Slander and gossip are equally evil, and the initial speaker is responsible for any further damage caused as the report is spread.

So why are Joe and Daniel’s other “broham” going around telling lies like this?

We’ll be interested to find out.

In the meantime, we encourage the courts to hold Daniel in contempt, to imprison him long enough to convince him to stop with the games and the lies, and to eliminate any claim he may have to custody of their children.

As always, a word to the inevitable attorneys: These are all allegations and McClain is presumed innocent.

That said, we find our sources to be credible, and we believe there is more than enough evidence to meet the preponderance of the evidence standard needed to hold Daniel McClain in contempt of court and imprison him.


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