Update: St. Paul’s Montvale dissidents go to trial

By | September 27, 2022
St. Paul’s dissidents are childish and hateful

Anglican Watch has learned that the St. Paul’s Montvale dissidents go on trial September 28 on criminal charges of defiant trespass. The matter will be heard late afternoon.

The defendants include:

  • Marc Denbeaux
  • Maria and Leigh Hopper
  • Anne Bosch
  • Jane Moser
  • Joe and Vicki Solis
  • Rusty, Louise, and Martine Miller
  • Jeff Piatt

Denbeaux, a local attorney, is representing himself, Bosch, Moser, the Solises, and the Millers. Piatt is represented by Beattie Patavano LLC, while the Hoppers are represented by local attorney Nicolas Stratton.

Our prediction: None of the defendants will have the integrity to tell the truth, which is that they entered church property despite actual knowledge that they were and are unwelcome. Moreover, we doubt that they realize they have been played by Jeff Piatt, or that they have paid sufficient attention to the questions surrounding Piatt’s conduct, as well as that of Beth Abrahamson.

We also note that Piatt and Abrahamson still have not returned the financial records they stole from St. Paul’s. Nor have they, or anyone else, explained the “reimbursement” checks drafted and signed by Abrahamson. And we are very interested in learning more about Montvale Landscaping’s Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loan, which appears to be based on an average salary of $70,000 per employee.

Our hope is that attorneys for the defendants will not violate their obligations under Rule 3.3 to be candid with the tribunal. We also hope that Denbeaux will have the integrity to tell the truth about his conduct and that of the other defendants. That would be the Christian thing to do, but somehow we doubt that will happen.

Well-placed sources also have told Anglican Watch that Denbeaux and other legal counsel will likely face an attorney disciplinary complaint should they provide false or misleading information to the court.

Meanwhile, the dissidents appear increasingly desperate and clueless, as they thrash about, disrupting church services, spreading lies and gossip, and suing people for heterophobia.

Do they have any idea just how stupid and hateful they look? Only time will tell.

But Anglican Watch believes that Miller’s inane lawsuit reflects the fact he is not remorseful over his conduct. Thus, we believe he and Piatt deserve jail time and fines.

Simply put, the law does not favor self-help, like defiant trespass, nor look kindly on frivolous lawsuits, like Miller’s action.

Nor do former church members have any right to participate in the internal affairs of their former parish. And while Piatt tries to gaslight people with his claims that diocesan clergy support the dissidents, there is zero evidence to support his claim. And his stupid and childish lies about the meeting with Montvale mayor Mike Ghassali are unhelpful and potentially damaging to Ghassali’s efforts to secure a Congressional seat.

As for Rusty Miller, we doubt his heterophobia lawsuit will do much to help his business, or advance Louise’s career with the Williams Sonoma company.

And we note that Bruce Piatt, with his background in law enforcement, is tellingly silent in all of this. Our bet is he has some questions of his own about the reimbursement checks and Montvale Landscaping PPP loan.

Anglican Watch will provide updates as they become available.

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