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Update: St. Paul’s Dayton pulls the plug on corrupt priest Dan McClain

St. Paul’s cuts loose corrupt Dan McClain

Multiple sources close to the matter tell Anglican Watch that the executive committee at St. Paul’s Dayton has decided to stop paying rector-elect Daniel McClain, effective July 1. Diocesan canons expressly permit a parish to stop payment when, as here, a Title IV clergy disciplinary case is pending against a clergy person.

The decision underscores McClain’s ongoing misconduct.

In addition to McClain’s refusal of a negotiated resolution to the Title IV charges against him, members of the parish have told Anglican Watch that they are afraid of McClain, who reportedly goes out of his way to retaliate against those he views as opposing him.

Additionally, we have received multiple allegations that McClain:

  • Misuses church funds.
  • Bullies parishioners and church staff.
  • Repeatedly lies in order to gain what he thinks is the upper hand.
  • Manipulates people, like the infamous postcard that mysteriously went to the church mailing list, praising Dan’s patriarchy and calling on members to “Make St. Paul’s Great Again.” No one we have interviewed believes McClain was not behind this initiative.
  • Engaging in smear campaigns, including falsely telling parishioners that his wife has a mental illness.
  • May have a substance abuse issue.
  • Has engaged in witness tampering in the Title IV case, including contacting persons who may have offered testimony against him.

Court filings indicate that McClain has brought one or more of his children to divorce court prior to a court order forbidding him from doing so.

Additionally, McClain has repeatedly sought to reduce his apparently $900 a month support for his wife and children despite being rejected every time by the court.

Meanwhile, McClain has adequate funds for a new tattoo, a curiously wide-ranging array of hair colors, and wine and dine a woman with whom he has an adulterous relationship.

Rev. Daniel McClain
Rev. Daniel McClain, the Virginia look
Dan McClain
Dan McClain, the Dayton look








Episcopal priest Daniel McClain
Dan McClain, the disheveled look. Does he or doesn’t he?

McClain has acknowledged his adultery in his Title IV pleadings but justifies it on the basis that the woman in question is “special,” further arguing that the church should be lenient on this issue because he admits to his adultery. (As a matter of policy, we are declining to publish her name.)

However, Anglican Watch submits that admitting to adultery is not an honorable thing, especially in light of the canonical requirement that he fully cooperate in a Title IV proceeding and self-report any canonical violations he commits to an intake officer. In other words, he never did meet his requirement under canon law to report his own misconduct.

Moreover, we find much of McClain’s behavior bizarre. For example, even a cursory review of his actions reveals myriad incidents of questionable veracity, bullying, misrepresentation, intimidation, and more. And, of course, there is the issue of his long-running adulterous affair.

At the same time, McClain apparently found it necessary to conduct an exorcism in, of all things, his own church. Evidently, the ceremony was unsuccessful, as McClain remained on the premises despite having just disinvited the forces of darkness.

Our take on Dan: A narcissist, with a strong sociopathic component, entirely unsuited to any position of trust. Definitely not suited to serve as clergy, nor someone to be trusted in academia. As for his divorce, anyone who repeatedly tries to reduce an already paltry support payment is lower than dirt, lacks integrity, and certainly does not love his wife and children. As for his adulterous partner, all we can say is if she’s stupid enough to hang out with someone who treats his wife and kids like this, she gets what she deserves.

Meanwhile, St. Paul’s is rapidly burning through cash reserves and faces a six-figure budget deficit. Portions of the church are in disrepair, and numerous members have left, allegedly both to avoid dealing with McClain, and due to a desire to avoid supporting a six-figure compensation package for an admitted adulterer. But hey–let’s not forget that his adulterous partner is “special.”

Hopefully the news that the church is pulling the plug on Dirtbag Dan evinces a move to accountability and integrity on the part of the church vestry, which has, for far too long, shown loyalty to a clergyperson spectacularly undeserving of any support.

Let’s hope that McClain returns to his “patriarchal” roots and leaves the Episcopal Church sooner rather than later.

Daniel McClain misogynistic postcard
Daniel McClain, traditional family values all the way. Just ignore the adultery.


  1. Is that email from Bishop Kenneth Price real or satire? If it’s real, the flags were not only red, the entire factory was on fire.

    1. You mean the one Dan allegedly sent, asking members to contact the bishop?

      It’s real.

      The fact that Dan apparently thought it would help him cement his tenure at St. Paul’s tells us that yes, the factory was on fire, and Dan was dancing on the roof.

  2. This is a lot to process.

    I wish that Title IV had been available in the late 80’s/early 90’s. A rector was hired at our church who absolutely decimated the parish. The bishop sat by passively, watching the parish collapse.

    1. Title IV likely wouldn’t have corrected the problem before great harm was done. It frequently doesn’t now.

      As we say in business consulting:
      “Culture eats strategy for lunch”

      No process or policy can make up for institutional rot and spiritual complacency.

      The only hope is for individuals to recognize we are fighting against “spiritual wickedness in high places” and then commit to “kick at the darkness until it bleeds daylight”.

    2. Amen and amen!!!

      At least one phase of this nightmare has finally ended for this church.

      Congrats to AnglicanWatch on tireless efforts to shine a light in this darkness.

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