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Update: Daniel McClain

Dan McClain

Even as the situation drags on in the Daniel McClain Title IV case, life is proving interesting at St. Paul’s, Dayton.

Specifically, Anglican Watch believes that the parish financially already is living on borrowed time.

Yet this week, we spotted McClain in the UK.

That begs the question: With peeling paint in the church, deferred maintenance, and signs of a tough 2024 financially, why is the parish sending McClain anywhere? And given that he claims he’s taken a pay cut, how does he have the money to be traveling out of town?

Very strange.

And given the fabrications we see coming from the vestry and Joseph Gingrich, the church appears to be unravelling quickly.

Hopefully parishioners will have the common sense to step back, take a dispassionate look, and ask where things are headed. Because as they stand, St. Paul’s is lurching towards closure. And the current morass is accelerating that trend.

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