Tenth Presbyterian’s deaconess Susan Elzey exposed as Goligher’s adulterous partner

Liam Goligher, liar and adulterer

Anglican Watch continues to investigate the situation with Tenth Presbyterian and Liam Goligher. We have now learned that the person with whom Goligher was having sex in the Lancaster park allegedly was married deaconess Susan Elzey. 

Court records indicate that Elzey pleaded guilty in the matter, as did Goligher.

Sources close to the matter tell Anglican Watch that Goligher and Elzey have been having an affair for years.

Elzey’s fabricated testimony was at the heart of the church’s lawsuit against former member Phil Snyder. Per court records:

Susan Elzey (“Ms. Elzey”), a congregant, testified that outside of [C]hurch services on June 16, 2019, [Snyder] told her he was an instrument of God, similar to a prophet, and that only [Snyder] knows the true nature of Dr. Goligher’s soul. [Snyder] went on to tell Ms. Elzey that Dr. Goligher was a son of Satan, and that any congregants who support Dr. Goligher are doing Satan’s work. [Snyder] also told Ms. Elzey that he was unhappy with his wife, described her as Job’s wife because she did not support him, and that his oath to remove Dr. Goligher from the [C]hurch was more important to him than his family.

For the record, Anglican Watch has investigated these claims exhaustively. Elzey’s claims are bold-faced lies that come from an adulterer. Repeating: Elzey is a bold-faced liar and an adulterer. So, she was projecting when she made up her lie about doing the work of Satan. Snyder said no such thing, but Elzey indeed is doing the work of Satan, and shamelessly so.

Anglican Watch calls for the immediate removal of Elzey from church membership for adultery and perjury and recommends that the church refer her to civil authorities for a criminal investigation into her perjury.

We will be publishing further details about the relationship between Goligher and Elzey in the coming days.

Also coming is an interview with a former church employee who endured sexual harassment at the church for years. She complained to Goligher, who shrugged the matter off. 

Given Goligher’s conduct, sexual harassment comes as no surprise.

In closing, Anglican Watch urges Christians to avoid Tenth Presbyterian until it repents of its lies, sexual misconduct, and abuse. Additionally, the church needs to confess its evil conduct towards Phil Snyder.

Until then, avoid this church like the plague.


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