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Top ten toxic terrors of TEC

Anglican Watch  is pleased to announce its first annual Top Ten Toxic Terrors of TEC list for 2022. Inclusion on the list is intended to highlight people, churches and dioceses that are causing lasting harm to others due to abusive conduct. This is vital for the survival of the denomination, as the church cannot change if it cannot identify Read More

DioVA in danger as bishop-elect Stevenson starts off on wrong foot

It’s no secret that Anglican Watch tends to focus on the Episcopal Diocese of Virginia (DioVa). But it’s not because our editor lives in the diocese. Nor is it because of his negative experiences with the diocese. Instead, it’s because the sheer size of the diocese makes it a bellwether for the larger denomination and, in the words of banking Read More

Breaking News: Diocese of Virginia again violates church canons; The Rev. Dr. Tom Simmons busted for adultery

You know things have gotten bad when the Episcopal Diocese of Virginia tacitly approves of adultery. And so it is with allegations that the Rev. Dr. Tom Simmons, rector of St. Peter’s Episcopal in Purcellville, himself married to Tait North Simmons (daughter of Iran-Contra figure Ollie North), has committed adultery with the wife of Tom K. a member of Warrenton Presbyterian. Below, we Read More

Diocese of Virginia: A diocese in dire trouble

For some time, Anglican Watch has looked with growing angst at ongoing problems in the largest domestic diocese in the Episcopal Church, the Diocese of Virginia. Recent conversations with members of the Standing Committee and other diocesan leaders paint a picture of a diocese in dire trouble, hobbled by ineffectual leadership, dismal governance, lack of direction, and de facto control Read More