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Anne Turner, rector of Grace Episcopal Alexandria, allegedly having extramarital affair

Ed: Originally we had planned not to publish this, and instead afford Bishop Stevenson the respect of allowing him to deal with this quietly. That seemed fair and decent, as he has been consistently fair, decent and kind with us. But after a series of vile, false rumors directed at us came from the parish, we changed our Read More

McClain, Solomon, Malm: narcissists, one and all

Someone earlier asked why we are so focused on the Grant Solomon case. That’s a good question, as it’s clearly outside our usual stomping grounds, at least on the face. But scratch the surface, and it’s easy to see why we’re interested and how this relates to other cases we’re covering. Specifically, Solomon, McClain, and Malm all appear to Read More

Update on perjuring priest Bob Malm, the debacle at the Diocese of Virginia, and the meltdown at Grace Episcopal Alexandria

Anglican Watch recently passed a milestone, which we marked without fanfare. That milestone is the eighth anniversary of Episcopal priest Bob Malm’s abusive behavior that ultimately led to the creation of this publication. And while we didn’t pull out the champagne and caviar to celebrate, we extend our congratulations to Malm for this, the major accomplishment of his more Read More

Two flagship parishes in Alexandria Va., are in trouble

Alexandria, Va., home to the Virginia Theological Seminary, largest in the Anglican Communion, has long been regarded as a bastion of the Episcopal church. Yet evidence shows that two of the city’s flagship parishes are in crisis. St. Paul’s At St. Paul’s, long a haven for well-heeled residents of Old Town, lackluster leadership, unresolved conflict, and the church’s Read More