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Concerns increase about security at Episcopal schools. But what if the bigger risk is your clergyperson?

There’s a trend in the Anglican Watch inbox, and while it seems innocuous at first, the regularity of the comments makes it clear this is a serious concern. Specifically, we’re hearing from more and more parents and teachers that they do not believe Episcopal schools are taking adequate security measures. Why so many concerns?  We don’t know, but we surmise Read More

Allegations of questionable gifting emerge at St. Paul’s Alexandria VA.

Anglican Watch has uncovered allegations of questionable gifting practices at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in Alexandria, Va. These include reports that prominent parishioners paid for a 300-person reception celebrating the rector’s 20th anniversary with the parish. Additionally, we believe another prominent parishioner may have paid for Warder’s wedding reception in 2010. These allegations are part of Anglican Watch’s ongoing investigation of Read More

Unwilling to condemn torture, St. Paul’s Alexandria goes for tortured logic and feel-good theology

Anglican Watch first reported, nearly four months ago, prominent members and leaders of St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in Alexandria, Va., Anne and David Ayers, appear to be owners in the company behind the post-9/11 torture program. Under that initiative, mostly Muslim men, many of whom were never charged with a crime, were waterboarded, given forced anal feedings, and subjected to mock executions among   other horrific tactics. TheEpiscopal Church, at the national level, has already condemned these practices with the Episcopal Peace Read More

National Cathedral School ignores alleged torturer on board of governors

The National Cathedral School (NCS) is everything you’d expect from a prestigious Episcopal school. It sits on the grounds of the National Cathedral, has first-rate physical facilities, and caters to the daughters of the wealthy. It’s also a bastion of hypocrisy, thanks to its Board of Governors, which includes David Ayres, who appears to be one of the Read More