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Does The Episcopal Church Face a Looming Sexual Scandal?

Over the past year or so, we’ve seen the Roman Catholic Church suffer a devastating hit due to its handling of sexual misconduct. Similarly, the Southern Baptist Convention has had its own scandal, resulting in declining trust and plummeting membership. And the Church of England has been rocked to its very core by the recent IICSA and Whitney… Read More »

Chair of ICSSA Report Calls On Church of England to Transition from Apologies to Real Work

It’s taken me much longer than expected to write this post. To those who have been waiting for it, I am sorry. My struggle has been to find words adequate to express my dismay and disappointment in the Church of England and its hierarchy. – Editor In recent weeks, the Church of England (CoE) has been reeling from the… Read More »

Failure of Episcopal Dioceses and Churches to Adopt Current Policies to Prevent Abuse Disrespects Abuse Survivors

During the 2015 General Convention (GC) of The Episcopal Church, two measures were passed that addressed abuse in the church. Measure 2015-A073 authorized the updating of Model Policies for the Protection of Children, while Measure 2015-A074 called for the update of the Safe Church Training Materials.  The work was done by a GC-appointed task farce spearheaded by the eminently capable… Read More »

Two Leaders Show How Churches Really Move Past Abuse

Despite coming from differing faith traditions, DeDe Duncan-Probe and Blase Cupich understand abuse and how to heal.

Vt. Episcopal Bishop Shannon MacVean-Brown On Inclusion

Shannon MacVean-Brown, the newly elected bishop for the Episcopal Diocese of Vermont, recently spoke to National Public Radio (NPR) about the challenges facing The Episcopal Church (TEC) particularly in a region where relatively few attend any church, and where TEC has a small footprint. Her comments on inclusion are noteworthy, particularly as they pertain to abuse. “If the… Read More »

Moving Forward to Address Clergy Misconduct

Years ago, activists within The Episcopal Church began clamoring for the development of programs to prevent and address sexual misconduct. The move came at a time when the church was struggling to find ways to include those who historically had been marginalized on the basis of gender, national origin, sexual orientation, and other criteria. Many among those groups… Read More »