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Why is an Episcopal priest with an emergency protective order against him not suspended?

Did you ever see a situation where you take one look and think, “Wow, that’s a recipe for disaster?” We see a fair number of those on the Anglican Watch beat. But the situation that takes the cake right now is the decision by the Episcopal Diocese of Southern Ohio to leave rector Dan McClain in place despite an Read More

AW updates Top Ten Toxic Terrors of TEC list

Roughly once a year, Anglican Watch releases its Top Ten Toxic Terrors of TEC list. The list warns the public about some of the more severe problems in the denomination by highlighting abusive bishops, dioceses, bishops, parishes, and churches. Additionally, we hope that those on the list will revisit their behavior and reconsider their role in the implosion of the Read More

Courageous Christianity and TEC

One of the popular conversations among Anglican Watch staff is the importance of courage to the Christian faith. In that regard, we believe lack of Christian courage is a leading factor in the impending death of the Episcopl church as we know it. First realizations For this author, my first fleeting recognition of this issue stems from my days at Grace Read More

Episcopal priest Thomas Hudson fingered in MD Catholic abuse report

There’s a big issue with the Maryland attorney general’s report about abusive priests in the Catholic church: the Baltimore circuit court has ordered the redactions of some names, including ten alleged offenders and Catholic officials who may have covered up crimes. And while the Catholic church has assured the public that none of the redacted names reflect persons Read More