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Spotlight on abuse: Episcopal school administrator Matthew Kearney

Matthew Kearney booking photo

Matthew Kearney, a former administrator for an Episcopal school near Jacksonville, Fl., was arrested in 2016 for stalking and harassing a teacher he had dated. Kearney previously was terminated by the school.

Among the allegations are that Kearney drove erratically in an effort to frighten the teacher, brandished a weapon, threatened to kill himself, prevented her from leaving, and called her repeatedly from a mental hospital.

Extra security was placed on the school as a result of the incident, and the teacher left the school for a safe location.

The school was the scene of a previous fatal shooting, in which headmaster Dale Regan was shot and killed by a Spanish teacher who had been terminated earlier in the day.

Anglican Watch is troubled by the apparent ongoing nature of Kearney’s behavior and the seeming delay in addressing it. We also would like to know if Kearney was thoroughly vetted prior to employment, as the sort of behavior alleged typically does not show up out of nowhere.

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