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Spotlight on abuse: Episcopal priest Andrew Osmun

Andrew G. Osmun

in 2014, a Connecticut law firm filed suit against the Episcopal Diocese of Ct., St. Peter’s Church in Milford, and the former rector of the church, Andrew Osmun. 

The suit alleged that, in 2007, Osmun’s son Jesse sexually assaulted a minor during church activities. It further alleged that the senior Osmun, a mandated reporter under state law, knew of his son’s proclivities and the assault, but failed to report the sexual assault, either to law enforcement or the diocese.

The suit was eventually settled.

Subsequent to the assault of the minor, the younger Osmun joined the Peace Corps, where he sexually assaulted multiple children in 2010 and 2011. He is currently serving a 15-year prison term in Fort Dix NJ.

Jesse’s brother Seth, a former substitute teacher and child day care worker, was sentenced to prison in Texas for possession of child pornography.

As of 2023, the senior Osmun is listed in the Episcopal clergy finder as a priest in good standing, and serves as priest associate at Christ Church, New Haven.

Seth now lives in Colorado and his sex offender registry entry can be found here. He is believed to work as a paralegal at the law firm of Geoffrey S. Gulinson & Associates, P.C.

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