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Spotlight on abuse: Episcopal deacon James Cox

Anglican Watch: Fr. Alan Sapsford

James Cox, a former Episcopal deacon and former executive director of the Episcopal Camp and Conference Center near Camden Ga., was sentenced in 2011 to five years probation for possessing images of nude teenaged girls on his computer. Additionally, he paid a $1000 fine and was banished from four surrounding counties.

The sentence follows a more serious incident in 2007, when Cox was arrested for child exploitation and pornography.

At the time of the 2007 arrest, Cox resigned his positions and was barred from Episcopal Church property.

The judge in the 2011 case concluded that Cox had not taken the photos of the teenagers, but had somehow come into possession of them. The photos allegedly were taken by clients at Gateway Behavioral Health Services’ center at Honey Creek, a facility the public mental health agency leases from the Episcopal Church, the judge said.


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