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Spotlight on Abuse: Episcopal parish treasurer Dorothy Louise Lowe

St. Lawrence Episcopal, Osceola Valley

Dorothy Louise Lowe, has been charged by Pennsylvania state police with 47 counts of felony theft related to her role as treasurer of St. Lawrence Episcopal Church, located in Osceola Mills, Pa. The amount allegedly stolen totals more than $14,000.

Among the allegations are that Lowe wrote two checks to herself, drawn on church accounts, totalling $2,500. She also allegedly paid for an auto repair bill, and obtained an ATM card to access church accounts, making withdrawals totalling $10,870. Additionally, deposits she took to the bank allegedly reflected a $1,126 difference between the amount collected and the amount deposited.

In April 2023, Lowe waived her right to a preliminary hearing, sending the matter to the local Court of Common Pleas.


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