Shades of Tom Simmons: Anglican priest suspended over affair with woman he married six months earlier

By | February 24, 2023
Pitotori Peter Naera

You have to hand it to the Anglican Communion — when members misbehave, they do so in a big way.

The Rev Pitotori Peter Naera, an Anglican priest in New Zealand, has resigned from ministry after performing a wedding for a couple, then having an affair with the bride. The woman had been in a longstanding relationship with the man she married and had a child, but the relationship ended once details of the affair emerged.

To make matters worse, Naera allegedly decided to resume the affair while his case was before the church tribunal. He further stated he was unaware that having an affair was against the rules and declined to get counseling.

A senior clergyperson, Naera also served as a youth minister before his resignation. The affair allegedly was not the first such incident for Naera.

Boundary issues, anyone?

Photo courtesy Stuff.

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