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Shades of perjuring priest Bob Malm: pastor John Paul Miller claimed that his late wife’s media posts were “harassment” and defamation

The Episcopal Church is psychologically unsafe

Did you ever notice how clergy claim that anything they don’t like gets the labels of “defamation” and “harassment”? And how clergy think local police should arrest people for saying bad things about them?

In this screen cap of the police report of former Solid Rock pastor John Paul Miller, he pulled a page right out of the Episcopal Church’s perjuring priest Bob Malm, claiming that his wife’s social media posts were defamatory and harassing. And just like Bob Malm, Miller went around telling people that his wife was mentally ill.

This behavior typically is indicative of someone with Dark Triad personality traits. The term reflects a trio of negative, personality traits that includes narcissism, Machiavellianism, and psychopathy. The three share several malevolent features.

Check out John-Paul Miller’s report below.

John-Paul Miller
John-Paul Miller

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  1. I always love the “mentally ill” response to any criticisms. Then again those with narcissism, machivallian, and psychopathy have always been at home in this crazy church. It hilarious how the church pretends it has any relevancy anymore or any room to talk about morality at this point. Good news is we will see the total collapse of this awful cult in the next decade. Even if you tried you couldn’t come up with a more boring or pointless church as the Episcopal. Bishops used to be universally respected, now to outsiders the degree in theology might as well be a degree in harry potter. They are a joke who ran their “charity” into the ground. The retirement fund for the EC is $433 billion. Their fund specifically to help people is about $2 billion. Thats how Jesus would have done it for sure. Crooks and con artist who deserve public shaming because they make thier living lying to children.

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