Lying priest Leslie Steffensen featured on national church website

By | January 2, 2023
Leslie Steffensen Unethical Priest

You can’t make this stuff up.

Leslie Steffensen, a world-class dirtbag who lies about her own parishioners, is featured in a video on the main page of the national church website. Found here, Steffensen, in her role as canon to the bishop suffragen for federal ministries and the armed forces, leads an 11-minute vignette about the chaplains in the program.

But as Anglican Watch has previously posted, Leslie has never accepted responsibility for her lies. Specifically, she falsely claimed that Anglican Watch editor Eric Bonetti engaged in “suspicious activities” while serving as junior warden of her previous call at Grace Episcopal Alexandria.

Nor has she apologized.

And her husband Kirk threatened the employment of Anglican Watch editor Eric Bonetti’s husband.

In this regard, there is a complete breakdown of integrity at multiple levels of the church. In fact, Steffensen’s conduct is so bad she probably IS an appropriate spokesperson for the national church.

Below is documentation of the claims set forth in this post.

Leslie Steffense, sneaky, dishonest priest

Leslie Steffense, sneaky, dishonest priest

Kirk Steffensen threatens parishioner

Kirk Steffensen threatens parishioner

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