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Just when we thought it was safe: Bill Allport resurfaces

Bill Allport, embezzler and alcoholic

Think fast: What’s the only thing worse than corrupt Bishop Shannon Johnston resurfacing?

If you’re like us, the answer is having alcoholic priest Bill Allport start serving as supply clergy in the Diocese of Newark. (As if turning him loose near maritime vessels as part of the Seaman’s Institute weren’t already bad enough.)

Even worse, the ever-narcissistic Allport is wandering around telling people he’s in recovery and has made amends for his previous bad behavior.

While we are not in a position to assess his claim that he’s in recovery, we’re calling BS, world without end, on his claim he’s made amends.

Indeed, we’ve spoken with numerous persons Allport has hurt, and he has done nothing to repair the damage, which includes:

  1. Driving away a substantial number of parishioners from St. Paul’s, Englewood, where he previously served.
  2. Cratering St. Paul’s in every way, including financially.
  3. Narcissistically abusing parishioners and staff.
  4. Placing the community at risk by allegedly drunk driving.

Moreover, the bad behavior we’ve seen from Allport is typical of narcissists–it’s not just conflict but the sort of abuse that ends faith, ruins lives, and causes trauma and PTSD.

Nor should we forget the allegations that Allport embezzled from a previous church in Texas, then lied about it. As we have said before, we don’t believe that for an instant. Instead, we surmise the money went to his buddies, Gin, Rum, and Vodka.

So, we are reiterating our earlier position: Any church willing to hire Allport, even as supply clergy, is a bunch of idiots.

And yes, we realize that is a harsh thing to say, especially at a time of a burgeoning clergy shortage. But in our experience, even a brief interaction with a narcissistic priest can cause lasting harm to a parish. And Allport has a dismal track record that warrants holding morning prayer, if it comes to it, versus hiring him as supply clergy.

Then, we come to the role of the Diocese and Bishop Carlye Hughes. We were very unhappy at their inept handling of the issue of Allport’s impairment, including the whole nonsense about, “Well, he says he’s not an alcoholic.”

Now, Hughes and the Diocese have managed to one-up even their own dismal track record.

Given Allport’s behavior to date and his flagrant lack of remorse/reparations, no rational actor should allow Allport to serve a parish. And to make matters worse, he’s now lying about having made amends.

So, to Bishop Hughes, we say, “What on this green earth are you thinking? Have you lost your mind?”

And if Allport is still drinking and he hurts or kills someone in a DUI a la Heather Cooke, all we can say is, “Plaintiff’s counsel, you know who to call. We will happily testify and provide documentation of what Carlye Hughes and the Diocese knew, and when they knew it.”

And to Bill Allport, we say: “Stop lying, dirtbag.” Having an addiction is one thing. Abusing other people is something else entirely, and we are tired of your narcissistic abuse of others.

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