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Grace Chapel Liepers Fork: Pedophiles welcome

Pastor Rob Rogers

On the heels of yesterday’s post calling for an FBI investigation into the role of Grace Chapel in child sexual abuse and the ongoing dishonesty we see coming from the church and school, we want to follow-up with a brief post directed to the Grace Christian community.

Our post is a warning: Grace Chapel welcomes pedophiles and persons who commit incest. 

To that we add: There is no godly response to pedophiles except to report the matter to police, cooperate fully in the investigation, and bar the alleged offender from campus.


  • Aaron Solomon has been substantiated by the state of Tennessee as a child sex offender.
  • The Tennessee courts issued a protective order barring Aaron Solomon from contact with Gracie Solomon.
  • Despite the protective order, Grace Chapel continued to permit Aaron Solomon on campus.
  • To our knowledge, Aaron Solomon remains welcome on campus.
  • Rob Rogers continues to deny culpability.
  • Amy Blaylock Curle continues to deny culpability.
  • We have contacted Rob Rogers to confirm that Aaron Solomon remains welcome on campus. He did not immediately respond to our inquiry.

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