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GCA teacher Amy Curle violates privacy laws, even as additional instances of grooming by predators at GCA identified.

Amy Curle

A hot topic in recent years has been the right to student privacy. These issues come up in the context of student transcripts, use of online applications, health records, and more, and are covered by state and federal statutes.

In our ongoing investigation into issues at Grace Christian Academy, we have been closely examining issues involving Curle’s recent efforts to silence Brewer’s criticism of her refusal to report child abuse as required by law.

As part of this investigation, we uncovered six confirmed situations in which Curle discussed information about Brewer’s mental health with other school employees without his consent or that of his parents. These disclosures violate FERPA, the federal statute that imposes privacy on all student records, including those at church-run schools.

Consequences for violating FERPA and other privacy laws can be severe, including fines for the school and Curle herself, loss of accreditation, and criminal liability.

Additionally, Anglican Watch notes that several of Curle’s claims appear to be false and made with callous disregard for their truth or falsity, meaning they likely are defamatory per se.

We also note another red flag that should be profoundly alarming for parents: The school questions students about their sexual histories prior to admission.

To be clear, this is spectacularly inappropriate, even if the student has nothing to hide. Indeed, children should be taught to respond to these topics by saying, “You’ll need to discuss that with my parents,” leave immediately, and tell their parents what happened.

Asking children about specific sexual activities is a tactic of groomers and pedophiles and is never appropriate except in specific limited and carefully monitored law enforcement, counseling, and medical situations.

Even worse, Robbie Mason, the head of school, already has a questionable track record when it comes to boundaries, having married a former student. 

Given that we know that Curle and other school staff do not comply with child abuse reporting statutes, and given that we have identified specific instances of grooming by teachers at the school, we urge parents to think carefully before enrolling their students at the school.

Anglican Watch continues to investigate the grooming behavior we have identified at the school and will publish details in the coming weeks.

For now, suffice it to say: There is ample evidence of other child predators at GCA.

Finally, a note to GCA parents: If your child, or a child you know, is being groomed, molested or abused, contact Tennessee immediately via

If you have a FERPA or other privacy issue at GCA, contact Anglican Watch using our online form and we will gladly assist.

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