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GCA elementary principal Rona Branson complicit in abuse of #GracieSolomon

Rona Branson. GCA elementary principal

As we continue to call out bullies, hypocrites, and other lowlifes in the death of Grant Solomon and the abuse of his sister, Gracie, there’s a person who has not yet gotten enough attention. That person is Grace Christian Academy elementary principal Rona Branson.

Branson is an a-hole and a bully. She aids and abets child abuse, and ignores state mandated reporter laws.

We’re sorry not to have kinder language. Given her behavior, we don’t have it in us to say anything nice about her.

Tellingly, Branson’s husband is close friends with Kurt Beasley, a Franklin-area CPA, attorney, and ordained minister who is an elder at Grace Chapel.

When Angie Solomon began to fear for her and her children’s lives, she asked Beasley for help. He responded that he couldn’t help. Nice.

For starters, when Gracie told Branson everything Aaron had done to her — specifically sexual abuse — Branson replied that this was “old news.”

That’s right. Tennessee law may make Branson a mandated reporter, but Branson doesn’t need to comply. After all, she knows better. No moral obligation there, either.

Then, there is the issue of her lack of empathy. Even if Branson thought, arguendo, that Gracie was wrong about being abused, what kind of sorry excuse for a human being tells a child “that’s old news?”

As for being a Christian, all we can say is if that’s Bronson’s idea of Christianity, no thanks, she can keep it.

It gets worse.

When Aaron showed up at the school to take Gracie, Branson brushed off Gracie’s frantic pleas, even when Gracie tried locking herself in Branson’s office. 

Branson’s excuse? Robbie Mason told her to do it.

Sorry, Branson, that doesn’t cut it. Didn’t work in Nuremberg. Doesn’t work now.

When a child is terrified of an adult, that tells any responsible adult that something is seriously wrong. Action is required immediately.

Our take? You do everything possible to avoid putting the child in harm’s way. Far better to land in jail for protecting a terrified child than to aid and abet abuse. At least we could live with ourselves.

Grant had told adults plenty of times that he was “terrified” of his father and feared his father would hurt him — or worse. So it’s not like Angie or Gracie were the only people sounding the alarm.

So why was Grant terrified? Here’s a telling example.

When Grant was in sixth grade, he learned he had to wear glasses. 

When he got home, he started to cry because he feared being a nerd.

Aaron’s response was to tell Grant to take off his shirt so he could whip him with a belt. 

Fortunately, as Grant started to comply, Angie intervened and physically blocked Aaron from beating his son. All for crying.

Wow. Just wow.

Relatedly, Anglican Watch invites you to watch the heartrending video below, in which Gracie frantically texts for help after Aaron showed up at school to take her away. As mentioned above, Gracie locked herself in Rona’s office in a desperate effort to avoid Aaron.

Again, what kind of pathetic excuse for a human being treats a child like this? How can a mother of three explain her indifference to the welfare of children?

Answer: Rona Branson. Lowlife. Scumbag. Fake Christian.

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