Former head of Episcopal nonprofit accused of stealing $1.4 million

By | October 27, 2022
Anglican Watch

John Miller, former head of the non-profit Episcopal Clergy Assurance Fund, has been charged with stealing $1.4 million from the fund. The accusations are the result of an audit.

In a letter obtained by the media, it was reported that Miller, “made duplicates of death benefit payments using fraudulent checks, some of which contained the forged signature of the vice president of Clergy Assurance Fund.

“He paid the checks to himself and deposited them in his checking account in the total amount of $1,425,400. In addition, he had used the credit card for numerous personal expenditures, totaling $20,363,” continued the letter.

The approximately $20,000 in credit card expenses included $11,433 for personal healthcare expenses, as well as $8,930 for Uber rides and transportation, according to the letter.

Despite the loss, the nonprofit reportedly remains well-funded and fully able to cover its obligations.

Diocesan officials report that the matter has been referred to the state attorney general and the FBI.

The organization, founded prior to the establishment of the Episcopal Church, was originally known as the Widows Corporation. It changed its name in 2019 to reflect the fact that it now does more than support the widows of Episcopal clergy.

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