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Episcopal priest Dan McClain proves he’s a b***-less wonder

Episcopal priest Daniel McClain

Anglican Watch has covered Dan McClain and the hot mess that is St. Paul’s, Dayton, many times. But you really have to hand it to Dan—he is one of the great b***-less wonders of the western world.

In a recent order, the Montgomery County Court of Common Pleas in Ohio ordered St. Paul’s Episcopal Church to withhold monthly support from Dan McClain’s earnings of $946.56 per month. The order comes after McClain tried to reduce his support obligations, and has allegedly pulled various stunts like not paying utility bills on the family home and canceling insurance. And no, we did not derive this information from anyone in his family.

Yet, even as McClain tells the Court he needs to reduce his support obligations, he’s got money to buy new pets, get a new tattoo, and continue his adulterous affair with the woman we refer to as Plant Lady.

That begs the question: What kind of pathetic asshole doesn’t provide for his wife and kids? That’s doubly the case when, as here, Dan likes to go around telling people that his wife is mentally ill.

On the latter score, we make the same two points as before:

  • This is a fabrication that Dan uses to try to discredit his wife now that, like any good narcissist, he’s moved to the discard phase. She got him through seminary, and now she’s surplus baggage. Nice, Dan.
  • Going around telling this to other people is spectacularly inappropriate, even if it were true. A spouse has a right to privacy, and doubly so when they are married to a priest. And if Dan is going around trash-talking his wife like this, you can bet your bottom dollar she’s not the only one on the receiving end of this treatment.

The Episcopal Church really has hit a new low when spouses have to take Episcopal priests to court to get them to honor their marital vows. And until a divorce is final, those vows still hold.

And Dan McClain is a malevolent jackass who’d rather spend his money on tattoos than feeding his wife and kids.

Such a loser.

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