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Episcopal priest Dan McClain is at it again. Is he even a Christian?

Daniel McClain

Happy holidays, and welcome to the season of joy.

That is unless you’re Episcopal priest Daniel McClain, who is again trying to reduce his already modest support payments to his wife and children.

Per motions filed with the court, McClain is yet again arguing that St. Paul’s has reduced his income. We’re calling BS on that one.

First, all dioceses have guidelines for clergy compensation, so it’s not like this is Wheel of Fortune.

Second, as rector-elect, Dan likely has seen his income increase as a result of this (foolish) decision.

Third, everything we see suggests Dan’s doing fine. He’s got a new tattoo, a new pet, and plants everywhere. So, if he’s got money for these things, he’s got money to support his family.

Fourth, let’s not forget his alleged claims that his wife Kate has a mental illness. If charity doesn’t start at home, where does it start? Thus, his arguments support the notion of generosity, along with his discretionary expenses.

Fifth, given Dan’s track record of hostility and manipulation, we’d want to see documentation. Not some lame-a** letter from his vestry and flying monkeys (the same knuckleheads who lied and told parishioners that an investigation is required any time someone makes a Title IV complaint), but W4s, bank statements, and more.

Sixth, all involved should keep in mind that Dan already enjoys certain tax advantages, meaning that his 100K a year buys more than someone else’s 100K a year. That’s because clergy claim a housing allowance on their income taxes, even if they rent. So, most priests enjoy substantially higher take-home pay than meets the eye, and Dan is no exception.

Seventh, unless the Episcopal Church has the common sense to cut Dan McClain loose, as the beneficiary of one of the last defined benefit plans in the US, he doesn’t need to save for retirement, so he avoids that significant expense.

In short, St. Paul’s already is imploding due to its dismal choice of Dan McClain as rector. The last thing it needs is for someone to get caught trying to play games with Dan McClain’s income in the courts.

Meanwhile, is Anglican Watch the only group that’s watching Dan McClain’s behavior and asking, “How can this guy even claim to be a Christian?”

We hope the answer to that question is no.

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