Episcopal dioceses enact further restrictions as pandemic rages

By | December 14, 2020

As the pandemic soars to new heights and daily deaths in the US top 3,300, Episcopal dioceses across the country are rolling back regathering initiatives in an effort to reduce new infections. As a result, many churches will only offer online services for Christmas and Epiphany.

Among the dioceses to do so are Virginia, California, Maryland, Massachusetts, Western Massachusetts, Western New York, Northwest Pennsylvania, Mississippi and others.

Some dioceses, including Los Angeles, continue to allow outdoor worship, although the Episcopal Diocese of Virginia has noted that even outdoor services are risky at a time when Americans should do everything in their power to stay home.

Those seeking a safe, online holiday worship experience may be interested in the Washington National Cathedral’s program, which comprises traditional worship, jazz offerings, a blue Christmas for those who have lost loved ones. In addition, the program offers online signup for event notifications and can be accessed here.

Registration is free for the National Cathedral services, although the website pushes users to make a donation.

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