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Daniel McClain installation postponed as Title IV case moves forward

No clergy bullies

The installation of the Rev. Daniel McClain has been postponed as the Title IV complaint Anglican Watch filed against him progresses. The complaint involves allegations of spousal sexual assault, domestic violence, and emotional abuse.

It is our understanding that the Title IV process is picking up from where the prior Title IV process ended. In that instance, the complainant withdrew her case, making it difficult for the diocese to proceed.

The current case, filed by Anglican Watch, will not be withdrawn, as we believe the allegations against McClain are accurate.

As we stated previously, we caution McClain against a repeat of his prior efforts to derail the process, which allegedly included suing others for defamation and filing a retaliatory request for a protective order against his wife. Not only is truth a (near) absolute defense in a defamation case, but Anglican Watch believes it will be readily shown that any effort to obtain a retaliatory protective order would involve fabrications on McClain’s part. And in the event that McClain does lie to the courts, we are prepared to testify under oath as to the falsity of his claims. We also will encourage prosecutors to pursue perjury charges should this happen.

Daniel McClain installation postponed

We also encourage McClain to resign holy orders, effective immediately. We plan to fully cover his antics going forward, and any effort to bully or intimidate others will be made public. If it comes to this, McClain may permanently damage his employability, both within the Episcopal Church and elsewhere.

As to McClain’s flying monkeys, we reiterate our previous caution: While we welcome discussion, ad hominem attacks, content-free comments, fabrications alleging mental illness on the part of his wife, and claims that this publication is doing the work of Satan will result in the poster being blocked.

We encourage the diocese and parishioners to collaborate in providing a a pastoral response to all hurt by this situation. This is a diffcult time, and it is essential for church members to be kind to themselves and others. And others includes McClain’s wife, his children, and all involved in this matter.




One comment

    Warm greetings to you,

    On behalf of the vestry of St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, I am writing today to relay unfortunate news.   

    An anonymous complaint to the Diocese of Southern Ohio has initiated a Title IV investigation of our rector, Dan McClain. The vestry was made aware of this on Tuesday, July 18, and it is a requirement that the Diocese conduct an investigation any time a Title IV complaint is made. 

    With this, the bishop postponed the installation. However, like any family in crisis, the Vestry came together with compassion, love and respect to chart a path through this and on into the future.   

    As proof, the Vestry unanimously decided to move forward with our celebration on Saturday, July 22 at 5:00 p.m. We will open our hearts to Father Dan and each other with a special service of Holy Eucharist, joyful, healing prayer, beautiful music, and a specially prepared barbecue picnic dinner celebration following.   

    Please plan to join us! We look forward to celebrating with you!

    With warmth and gratitude for each other and the possibilities for the future.

    Jay Woodhull
    Senior Warden

    PS – You may receive multiple copies of this email. We have tried to avoid sending duplicate messages, however, it might happen despite our best efforts.

    St. Paul’s Episcopal Church
    33 W Dixon Ave.
    Oakwood, OH 45419-3431

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