Check it out: GCA student Anna Smith has more integrity than most members of Grace Chapel. Sad.

Grant Solomon

Sometimes, when we are wading through a long-running dispute, we realize we’ve lost sight of excellent information from the start of the uproar.

With that in mind, we’d like to invite readers to watch the video statement of Anna Smith, a friend of Grant and Gracie. Anna recorded the video in late 2020.

In the video, there are several vital points to consider:

  • Anna states that Grant’s recollection of Aaron abusing Gracie goes back years. This statement undercuts Aaron’s claim of parental alienation, made in his letters threatening legal action. Specifically, the accusations long predate Angie’s decision to file for divorce.
  • Grant, hardly a pushover, told Anna that he was “terrified” of his father.
  • Aaron’s kidnapping of his children is criminal conduct that should have weighed heavily against him having custody of Grant and Gracie.
  • Grant’s efforts to jump from a moving car make clear he is desperate to escape from Aaron. Grant was a smart kid, and he wasn’t going to do something like that unless he had a damned good reason.
  • Anna recounts her efforts to get school officials to help Grant and Gracie, only to be brushed off with, “That was years ago.” Thus, we have another indicator that Rob Rogers lied to church members when he denied that the church ignored complaints. 
  • Anna’s statement about not being allowed to speak during the litigation between Angie and Aaron is troubling and indicative of judicial bias. Especially in family law matters the lives and well-being of children often are involved. What conscientious judge wouldn’t want as many people to testify as possible?
  • With shared board members, a shared campus, and the movement of staff between the church and the school (like Patti Tremblay), Rogers’ claim that the school and GCA are separate is valid only in the sense that they are legally distinct entities.
  • Anna’s statement that the circumstances around Grant’s death make no sense reflects a young person with more common sense than the Gallatin police, state officials, and Rob Rogers.
  • Anna had no skin in the game and undoubtedly knew that her video would draw Aaron’s wrath down on her. Her decision to come forward, especially given her age, is remarkable and telling. Too bad more members of Grace Church and the surrounding community don’t have the same level of integrity.
  • Anna didn’t fold when Aaron Solomon threatened her via his attorney. (We love it. Thanks for having a backbone, Anna!)

There are lots of additional issues we could flag, but we encourage both persons new to this case and those who’ve been following it for a while to watch — or rewatch — this compelling video.

Meanwhile, we call on Rob Rogers to follow in the steps of Jesus and tell the truth. The truth indeed can set you free — but only if you dare to speak the truth. 

After all, as Steve Berger says, “being a Christian ain’t for sissies.”

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