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Breaking News: News Channel 5 Nashville sandbags Dr. Angie Solomon and family

Grant Solomon

Give Light and the People Will Find Their Own Way — Scripps News Media motto

You’d think that when you lose a child under suspicious circumstances, people would go out of their way to be kind to you, wouldn’t you? And you’d think that members of the news media would want to highlight potential crime in the community, especially when it involves allegations of murder and the sexual abuse of a minor, right?

Well, in the case of News Channel 5 Nashville, you’d be wrong. Very wrong.

Several days ago, the station told Dr. Angie Solomon and advocates for her family that the station would cover the upcoming candlelight vigil for her son, Grant Solomon. Many believe — including this publication — that Grant was murdered by his father, local former news anchor Aaron Solomon.

This weekend, the station did a 180 and announced that it would not be covering the story and has no interest in it.

That is shocking and outrageous. And there’s a strong odor of cover-up and conspiracy in all this—let’s call it Eau d’Aaron. (Skunk-like scent, mixed with notes of vomit and dog feces.)

It also makes a mockery of News Channel 5’s claim to do investigative reporting. If the station can’t cover an issue like this, in which the wealthy and well-connected seemingly get away with murder and child molestation, what good is the station?

This situation also shows how the courts, the judicial system, and the media can be swayed by an influential person, someone who’s likely a sociopathic narcissist.

But folks here at Anglican Watch have been on the receiving end of a malevolent narcissist named Bob Malm, and we will be damned if we let it happen to anyone else.

And this is just that much more evidence to suggest that Aaron Solomon is guilty and the FBI needs to get involved. We therefore recommend that when federal law enforcement does step in, one of the first places it starts asking questions is News Channel 5. We suspect they will quickly discover the hand of Aaron Solomon at work.

We ask that News Channel 5 immediately reverse this decision. And if it won’t, we encourage persons in Nashville to boycott any company that advertises with News Channel 5.

Yes, we get that many people think ethics in business is quaint and old-fashioned. But we do not want to spend money or in any way support an organization that won’t back a family that is enduring abuse and possible murder.

To contact Scripps corporate communications (parent of News Channel 5) and share outrage over this situation, go here:

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