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BREAKING: Fairview police may be playing fast and loose with arrest of #justiceforgracie volunteer George Brewer

Amy Blaylock Curle

The Fairview, TN, police department appears to be playing fast and loose with evidence in the case of #justiceforgrant volunteer George Brewer, who was arrested Monday on fabricated charges that he was harassing Grace Christian Academy (GCA) head of counseling Amy Curle.

In conversations with Williamson County CPL David Borden, who may be familiar with the case because the County processes Fairview arrests, #justiceforgracie volunteers were brushed off by Borden when they filed formal complaints that Curle and Grace Christian Academy refused to report child sexual abuse and child abuse. Both are mandatory reporters under state law.

When volunteers brought up the topic of Brewer’s arrest, Borden told them there was “more to the story.” 

Borden has been involved in past situations involving allegations of child sex abuse and is believed to have a checkered track record.

Anglican Watch has seen this trick used before by corrupt church officials. Acting in collusion with law enforcement, persons like Amy Curle will falsely claim that the defendant is mentally ill, and they fear for their lives — despite the lack of a reasonable basis for these claims.

Anglican Watch plans to have observers at the Brewer hearing and file criminal charges against Curle if she makes any perjurious statements.

Brewer is a GCA alum. He has had no in-person or phone contact with Curle.

Curle obtained her degree in psychology from Capella University.

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