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AW gets reports that a member of Patti Tremblay’s family may be a convicted pedophile

Patti Tremblay

How many Paul Leo Tremblays do you think are in Sacramento, CA? Not too many, we bet.

And before we go further, note that Paul ran a boarding house in Sacramento.

Now, check out the following court citation: People v. Tremblay, No. C058366 (Cal. Ct. App. Dec. 26, 2008).

In relevant part, the case, which is an appeal, provides:

jury found defendant Paul Leo Tremblay guilty of 18 counts of committing lewd and lascivious acts with a minor under age 14 (counts one through thirteen and counts sixteen through twenty) and two counts of exhibiting harmful matter to a minor (counts fourteen and fifteen). Sentenced to 41 years 4 months in prison, defendant appeals and contends: (1) the People presented insufficient evidence to support his convictions for exhibiting harmful matter to a minor; and (2) the trial court’s imposition of consecutive sentences violated Cunningham v. California (2007) 549 U.S. 270 [166 L.Ed.2d 856]. Disagreeing with these contentions, we affirm the judgment.

Moreover, when we pull Patti Tremblay’s background report, we find a relative named Paul Leo Tremblay, who lived in Sacramento prior to his arrest.

All the more reason to be deeply suspicious of Patti and her role luring Grant Solomon to his death. And all the more reason she should be sensitive to the need to report.

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