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Anglican Watch calls out PB Michael Curry and Todd Ousley, invites Singh brothers to share their stories

Todd Ousley is corrupt

Earlier today, we responded to PB Michael Curry’s email to the sons of of Bishop Prince Singh, who allege their father abused them as children. We also invited Singh’s son’s to share their perspectives with us.

We find it appalling that PB Michael Curry could claim he doesn’t have an easy solution to +Singh’s alleged alcoholism and abuse. In fact, we’ll give Curry this free consult: the discussion goes as follows:

”Prince, you are suspended effective immediately. You have thirty days to demonstrate you do not have an alcohol abuse issue or complete in-patient treatment. And you will report your conduct to police, cooperate fully, and apprise me of the result. You also will enter counseling, with a professional I approve, and waive your HIPAA rights, sending me a report on progress each week. You will meet a minimum of once a week.

”This is a pastoral directive, and I reserve the right to immediately bring a Title IV case to defrock you, either for violating this directive, or any other violation of Title IV.”

As for Ousley, he is corrupt and dishonest. The only reason for +Singh to go to Curry is so that the allegations can shrivel up and die.

And for the record, we included both Ousley and Michael Curry on our email.

It is time for both Ousley and Curry to resign.

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