Update: Former Episcopal teacher Vincent Hoang fired

By | October 25, 2022
Episcopal Church, Unethical Church

Area news media report that Vincent Hoang, the former Episcopal School of Baton Rouge teacher accused of grooming a black female student for sex has been fired from Woodlawn High School. The latter is a public high school in the area.

Earlier efforts by Anglican Watch to obtain comments from the Episcopal School were ignored.

Anglican Watch remains deeply troubled by the fact that the Episcopal School allegedly terminated his employment over the allegations, but failed to report them to the public school system. Equally troubling is that the plaintiff in the lawsuit alleges that she was bullied by students over the situation.

Episcopal School claims to be a top-notch school, but it is sorely bereft when it comes to ethics and transparency. Nor should any individual be subject to bullying.

We note that the situation is similar to that of the National Cathedral School, a prestigious school at the National Cathedral. There, Bishop Mariann Budde is joined on the board of governors by David Ayres, allegedly one of the owners and the CFO of the company behind the U.S. “enhanced interrogation program.” Under that porgam, hundreds of persons, mainly Muslim men, were tortured. Budde is aware of this, and the school, and yet Ayres continues in his current role.

We call on +Budde and all Episcopal bishops and leaders to categorically reject torture, including those allegedly involved in torture to be removed from all positions of leadership.

Time to walk the talk.




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