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URGENT PETITION — Sign today to insist that all clergy be accountable in the Episcopal Church

Demands increase for bishop accountability Following the lackluster response to the allegations of domestic violence by Bishop Singh and the purported sexual assault of Julia Ayala Harris at a church meeting, there have been demands in both Houses of the General Convention to revisit bishop discipline and the related disciplinary canons. But these efforts miss the point and Read More

Murder of Catholic bishop illustrates problems with TEC episcopacy

As our Roman sisters and brothers mourn the senseless murder of Los Angeles auxiliary bishop David O’Connell, his legacy illustrates the TEC episcopacy’s profound challenges. A priest for 45 years, O’Connell was known as a peacemaker who worked to reduce tensions between area residents and law enforcement, particularly following the beating death of Rodney King. The community he served was marred by Read More

Can we talk? My experience with abuse, PTSD, depression and the holidays

It’s been rightly said that I am bad at self-disclosure. In an effort to address that, and to possibly offer something of value to others this holiday season, I’m writing about my experiences with non-sexual abuse and the resulting depression and post-traumatic stress syndrome arising from the conduct of my former priest, Bob Malm. Context Those who experience Read More