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CoE safeguarding program lurches towards collapse

Anglican Watch has never covered the mess in the Church of England’s (CoE) safeguarding program as thoroughly as we should. That’s because, as an established church, the CoE has layers of administration and bureaucracy that are unfathomable to us. But one thing’s very clear: the CoE’s safeguarding process is teetering on the brink of implosion. Why? The reasons are Read More

That’s not my department, says Lord Sentamu of abuse allegations

Lord John Sentamu, a life peer and retired archbishop of York in the Church of England, brushed aside findings that he failed to respond appropriately to allegations of abuse by retired vicar Matthew Ineson. Sentamu’s remarks come after he was asked to step down from further participation in the church pending additional investigation into the findings and his Read More

Final report in CoE investigation into sadomasochist John Smyth delayed by police referral

The final report of the Church of England’s safeguarding team reviewing sadomasochistic abuse by the late John Smyth has again been delayed due to the need to file additional police reports in the matter. Keith Makin, the social worker tasked with generating a “lessons learned” report, states that he has filed a police report after additional information came Read More

Reinstatement of Lord Carey’s PTO is shocking and appalling

Over the past year, the Church of England has faced its own sexual abuse scandal that in many ways mirrors the horrific accusations swirling through the Roman Catholic church. And while most observers agree that there has been little accountability, and myriad instances of questionable veracity, extending all the way to Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby, there were Read More