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Pattern of corruption emerges in Tennessee, as law enforcement comes up with new reasons to withhold Covenant church shooting evidence

Anglican Watch is not big on conspiracy theories. Indeed, our experience is that government is terrible at keeping anything a secret—just ask Jack Teixeira. But having covered both the Covenant School active shooter and the death of Grant Solomon, we’re seeing a pattern of cover-up, incompetence, dishonesty, and indifference by Tennessee officials that’s nothing short of appalling. We say that as Read More

Nashville police department continues coverup of child sexual abuse at Covenant

Update: 5 April 1839 Eastern: After a great deal of back-and-forth, we received a denial of our Nashville Open Records request. The reason? None of our staff is a TN resident. While TN law contains a provision allowing agencies to exclude out-of-state residents (a decision that has been sharply criticized in some Federal courts), there is a larger Read More