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Anglican Watch condemns police actions at Marion County Record

Anglican Watch, the unofficial watchdog of the Episcopal Church, today unequivocally condemned the Marion, Kansas, police department for its search and seizure of the offices of the Marion County Record. Moreover, the police searched the homes of the newspaper’s publishers. “We reject the police department’s claims that it was investigating potential criminal conduct by the newspaper,” says Anglican Watch editor Eric Bonetti. “Simply Read More

Megachurch pastor and alleged pedophile John Blanchard pulls a Bob Malm, has protestors arrested

According to The Virginian Pilot and My Christian Daily, John Blanchard, pastor of Rock Church in Virginia Beach, Va, had protestor Jamie Thomas, 43, handcuffed outside the church and taken before a magistrate last Sunday. He was charged with stalking and disclosing expunged police records — both misdemeanors — and was released on his own recognizance shortly afterward. Read More

The elizabethan compromise and pluralism: Lessons for today

Anglicanism has its roots not just in Henry VIII’s split with Rome, but also, and perhaps more importantly, in the so-called Elizabethan Compromise. As such, the Elizabethan Compromise contains within its underlying paradigm lessons for a pluralistic society, which are increasingly important for the United States in light of yesterday’s coup attempt. What on earth is the elizabethan Read More