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Cyberattackers target Episcopal Diocese of Virginia in $400,000 theft

More than $400,000 was stolen in a cyberattack on the trust funds managed on behalf of the Diocese of Virginia of The Episcopal Church and its churches, prompting the diocese’s fund manager to implement new security measures. The fraud occurred in November and December 2022. After it was discovered, the diocese first released details in January, though the full Read More

Signs suggest Mark Stevenson may be bringing positive change to the Diocese of Virginia

Anglican Watch frequent fliers club members know we are not fans of the Diocese of Virginia. Indeed, from where we sit, the diocese has been poorly governed for years, and things only got worse during the litigation and Shannon Johnston’s tenure. Neither is it a secret that we’ve been dubious about Mark Stevenson. But our view is starting to Read More

Update on perjuring priest Bob Malm, the debacle at the Diocese of Virginia, and the meltdown at Grace Episcopal Alexandria

Anglican Watch recently passed a milestone, which we marked without fanfare. That milestone is the eighth anniversary of Episcopal priest Bob Malm’s abusive behavior that ultimately led to the creation of this publication. And while we didn’t pull out the champagne and caviar to celebrate, we extend our congratulations to Malm for this, the major accomplishment of his more Read More

Conflict resolution efforts underway at Calvary Episcopal, Front Royal

Anglican Watch has been closely watching efforts at conflict resolution at Calvary Episcopal, Front Royal. We believe the measures are worthwhile and encourage the parish to continue efforts in this space. We also encourage the parish to treat the matter as one where all topics are fair game. Among other things, we’re thinking of issues with rector Valerie Hayes.  Read More