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DioVA in Danger as Bishop-Elect Stevenson Starts Off on Wrong Foot

It’s no secret that Anglican Watch tends to focus on the Episcopal Diocese of Virginia (DioVa). But it’s not because our editor lives in the diocese. Nor is it because of his negative experiences with the diocese. Instead, it’s because the sheer size of the diocese makes it a bellwether for the larger denomination and, in the words of banking… Read More »

Diocese of Virginia: A Diocese in Dire Trouble

For some time, Anglican Watch has looked with growing angst at ongoing problems in the largest domestic diocese in the Episcopal Church, the Diocese of Virginia. Recent conversations with members of the Standing Committee and other diocesan leaders paint a picture of a diocese in dire trouble, hobbled by ineffectual leadership, dismal governance, lack of direction, and de facto control… Read More »

Spotlight on Abuse: Episcopal Bishop Susan Goff

Susan Goff, bishop suffragan and ecclesiastical authority for the Episcopal Diocese of Virginia following an abortive search for a bishop interim, repeatedly covered up and refused to deal with clergy misconduct during her tenure as bishop. This includes numerous Title IV complaints about Robert Malm, a priest accused of perjury, abuse of power, conduct unbecoming, and other canonical… Read More »

Episcopal Diocese of Virginia Votes Down Proposal to End White Supremacy

The more things change, the more they stay the same. That’s often a true statement, given our propensity as humans to prefer the comfortable and known, versus change and the unknown. But it’s nowhere more true than DioVA, where the recent passage of an annual budget — one quarter of the way into the new budget year —… Read More »

Episcopal Diocese of Virginia Proposes to Zero Out Sexual Misconduct Prevention

You can’t make this stuff up. In the midst of the pandemic, at a time where abuse and domestic violence are skyrocketing, the Episcopal Diocese of Virginia is now proposing to zero out its budget for sexual misconduct training and prevention. Seriously. The announcement comes as the diocese attempts for the second time to pass a 2021 budget.… Read More »

Just When We Thought it Was Safe: Shannon Johnston Resurfaces

Did you ever have a moment of profound cognitive dissonance? Where you look around and just go, “Holy Toledo—what the heck just happened?” That was this author’s reaction when he recently learned that Shannon Johnston, former bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Virginia (DioVA), has been named as a fellow to George Mason University’s (GMU’s) Center for World… Read More »