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Time for Rob Rogers and Grace Chapel to grow some spine

One of the things we try to do at Anglican Watch, besides hammering on bad guys, bullies, and other low-lifes, is to offer suggestions for positive outcomes. Churches being what they are, our ideas are usually ignored. But we are going to provide some tips for Grace Chapel and Grace Christian Academy, and Rob Rogers. Stop with the condemnation. We Read More

Why is an Episcopal priest with an emergency protective order against him not suspended?

Did you ever see a situation where you take one look and think, “Wow, that’s a recipe for disaster?” We see a fair number of those on the Anglican Watch beat. But the situation that takes the cake right now is the decision by the Episcopal Diocese of Southern Ohio to leave rector Dan McClain in place despite an Read More

Anglican Watch announces Episcopal Accountability Project

Earlier today, Anglican Watch announced the Episcopal Accountability Project via the following press release. ###   ALEXANDRIA, Va. — Employees with group medical coverage may be familiar with employee assistance programs, or EAP’s. But there’s a new EAP out there, designed to hold the Episcopal Church, its clergy and leadership accountable. The Episcopal Accountability Project, or EAP, an initiative of Read More

ACNA draws criticism from former diocese over LGBTQ inclusion

Schism begets schism. That’s the reality that now faces dissident “Anglicans” in North America, following a Pastoral Letter from American Convocation of Anglicans in North America (ACNA) bishops that suggested tolerance, if not acceptance, of LGBTQ members. (ACNA comprises groups that have left the Anglican Church of Canada and the Episcopal Church, and is not part of the Read More